Messages from the President, July 25, 2021

July update for the 2021 Annual Rally and Business Meeting.

Your BOCI Board of Directors met this past week and reviewed the current status of the pandemic as it relates to our plans for the 2021 Annual Rally and Business Meeting scheduled for September 12 to 17, 2021 at the Mill Casino in North Bend, Oregon. At the meeting the Board unanimously decided to cancel this year’s Annual Rally and Business Meeting.

Many factors went into this decision and it was not one that we took lightly. The US Canadian Border is not open for non-essential travel into the US and will remain so at least until late August, with no guarantee that it will reopen before the rally date. Plus, the changes in the COVID19 risk category for both Coos County and the entire state of Oregon that has gone from low to medium to high risk in the past few weeks, the rapid increase of cases of the Delta variant among both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people and the large number of fires in the Northwest were some of the factors considered by your Board in reaching this decision.

As we have said all along the safety and well being of our membership has been and will continue to be our prime concern.  

Where do we go from here you may ask? First, unless you requested that your rally check be returned it will be shredded. If you submitted your rally payment in the form of a money order it will be returned to you. For those who added their Club membership dues payment for 2022 or 2021 to the amount submitted, we ask that you either send us a new check or use PayPal via the Club’s website. Thank you. Also, we will sell 2022 Rally Gift Certificate raffle tickets for the Mt. Rushmore area later this year. More information on these raffle tickets will be available soon.

If you are interested in holding a mini rally in lieu of the Annual Rally, arrangements have been with the Mill Casino to honor our Rally Rates. Please contact Mike Henley at if you are interested in leading this mini rally.

The planning continues for the 2022 Annual Rally and Business Meeting to be held in the Mt. Rushmore area. As we did last year, the current Board will remain in office and we will hold elections at the 2022 Annual Rally and Business Meeting.

I want to thank Mike and the Rally Team for all their efforts in planning for the 2020 and 2021 rallies. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated by the Board and our members.

I also want to say to the many First Timers who signed up for this year’s rally, I look forward to meeting you next year.

As I said earlier this was not a decision that was taken lightly or easily. I know that some may not be happy with it, but I hope that they will understand why the Board made this decision.

Art Dunn – President BOCI