Messages from the President, January 04, 2020

Winter is officially here and many of us have winterized our Bigfoot RV. We have drained the water system, added the RV anti-freeze, set the batteries on trickle charge and added some rodent deterrents for a long winters nap. However, I know that many head south for warmer climes. But there are quite a few who load up and travel to enjoy the wonders of winter sports and other winter activities. After all the Bigfoot RV is a true four season RV.

I hope that during the holidays you had the opportunity to share time with family and friends. Usually at this time of year I pause to reflect on the past year of happenings with the Club. Our Annual Rally and Business Meeting was held at the Diamond Grove RV Park in Spruce Grove, Alberta the week after Labor Day and was well attended; with ten Bigfoot RV first timers. Despite the cool damp weather we all had a good time and made many new memories. The Board of Directors granted Life Membership to Sue and Dick Stinson in recognition and appreciation of their exceptional contributions to the success of the Club. Both served on the Membership, Rally and other Committees. Sue instituted our Club’s Quilt Raffle and has coordinated and organized the making of the quilt for multiple rallies. Sue served on the Board of Directors as the Secretary from 2011 to 2016. For many years Dick set up and took the pictures used for the Rally Directories.

Also at our Annual Rally Jack Throne donated a thousand dollars to the Club to be used for recognizing a Club member who represents the “Heart and Soul” of the Bigfoot Owners International club. Jack and his late wife Louise have been deeply involved in the Club since its start and Louise was recognized as the “Heart and Soul” of BOCI many years ago. Jack announced this award and his donation when he presented it to Michael Henley at the rally. Mike’s service to the Club is impossible to measure and he is truly deserving of this recognition. Jack and Mike will work together to select future recipients of this award. I want to thank Jack for his generosity and say that he made the perfect selection in recognizing Mike.

Our members also held three mini-rallies this year. The first was In April at the Fidalgo Bay Tulip Festival in Anacortes, Washington, followed by the Angel Fire Enchanted Mini-rally in Angel Fire, New Mexico and in June at the Rathtevor Beach Provincial Park Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I know that there are several mini-rallies being planned for 2020. Keep checking the website for information on them and updates on our 2020 Annual Rally and Business Meeting.

We continue to make improvements to our website aimed at improving response time and security. The Forum continues to be a busy place, with lots of questions being asked and answered. We are working on posting pictures from our recent Rallies and updating the opening page. I again wish to thank Andrew Matheson and the website committee for their efforts.

It is now 2020 and the second decade of the twenty-first century is in the record books. As we start the third decade, I am looking forward to our Annual Rally and Business meeting September 13 – 18, 2020 at the Mill Casino Hotel and RV Park in North Bend, Oregon. In the meantime, I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and safe travels with your Bigfoot.

Art Dunn – BOCI President