Messages from the President, October 8, 2019

September was a busy month for the Club. Our Annual Rally and Business Meeting ended just a bit over three weeks ago at the Diamond Grove RV Park in Spruce Grove, Alberta and despite the few cool and damp days we had at the Rally everyone had a great time.  Our caterers set a new standard which will be hard to beat for the food service they provided.

I wish to sincerely thank Norm Rector for his years of service to the Club as Vice President. Norm has made significant contributions to the success of the Club and will continue to share his wise council in the years to come.  I want to congratulate both Jay Rutherford and Dan Kirkham on their respective reelection and election to the Board of Directors. Dan on behalf of the rest of the Board and the membership, welcome to the Board and thank you for running.  We look forward to working together.  Your 2020 BOCI Board of Directors are Mike Henley – Director, Jay Rutherford – Treasurer, Sue Peters – Secretary, Dan Kirkham – Vice President and Art Dunn – President.

We also made took our first step to improve the Club’s website.  We moved from a shared hosting environment where we shared resources with other websites to a new non-shared hosting environment.  I am sure that you have noticed the dramatic increase in response time on the website, (I know I have).  We are now working on updating our software, improving our security and addressing other website issues.  I wish to express my thanks to Andrew Matheson and the website committee for their efforts in making this happen.

We recently announced that due to the ongoing renovations taking place at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial the Board decided to postpone our plan to a new location. Thanks to the exceptional efforts of Mike Henley we were able to announce that the 2020 Annual Rally and Business Meeting will be held at the Mill Casino RV Park in North Bend, Oregon from September 13 to the 18, 2020.  The Henley’s and the Dunn’s spent two days after the Rally at the Mill Casino RV Park to review the meeting rooms and work on the menus.  I am looking forward to returning there next year.  More information will follow shortly.

I will have more information to share about events at this year’s Rally and the website status very soon.  Keep checking and enjoy your Bigfoot!

Art Dunn – BOCI President