Want to Buy - Bigfoot 17.5 or 17 travel trailer to live in!

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six 07 / four three five / 85 zero two
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I'm looking to purchase a bigfoot 17.5 or 17 travel trailer. I've looked long and hard since I plan to live in this for the next year or two and bigfoot seems to be the best option since I will need real insulation in the snow in Oregon winters. I'm located in Portland but willing to travel anywhere.

If you have one for sale please contact me! I'm looking for something in good condition that does not need much work, or something nearly new would be great as well. I have seen them before and can be an easy cash buyer! This will be my home so I would really appreciate anyone reaching ou! Most campers aren't insulated enough for full time Pacific North west living so it's been a real challenge to find one.

Thanks for reading!


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