2005 Baja Mini Rally at El Dorado Ranch, San Felipe

Baja Mini Rally at El  Dorado Ranch, San Felipe March 18-24, 2005

Calexico's Wal-Mart parking lot was buzzing  early on March 18th as our assortment of Bigfooters  came together. Big Al Enger towed his trailer from Colorado  and we all had the opportunity to see his face before  it became permanently covered by his video camera. Barry  and Sue Ambrose drove their 24-footer down from England.  (Well, actually, their Bigfoot waits for them in North  America.) On the way, they camped at Joshua Tree National  Park and came upon Dolores Westfall, who was driving  her 30-foot from Northern California through all the  desert parks. Introducing themselves, they discovered  they were headed for the same rendezvous!

Del and Sue Chase Bigfooted from Arizona,  being guided by Moqui, their really friendly German  Shepherd who enjoys the space provided by their slideout.  Ric and Linda Allen drove the shortest distance, coming  from the San Diego area with daughter Jenny, who was  celebrating Spring break. By the time we left the parking  lot, we were already good friends.

Ric led the caravan to El Dorado Ranch  (north of San Felipe), communicating with the rest of  us by CB, radio and a collection of portable hand units.  He kept himself busy and confused by saying everything  multiple times, occasionally forgetting which gadget  he was speaking into.

Once there, we quickly settled into a  week's worth of activities. Between poolside breakfasts  at La Polapa Restaurant and dinners at Juanito's Cantina,  we played tennis, drank margaritas, practiced yoga,  drank margaritas, danced at Juanito's, and drank margaritas.  We viewed notorious Big Al videos, toured local building  projects, rented quads and drove the countryside, took  an off-road tour to a turquoise mine, and visited the  town of San Felipe. Jenny flew her first kite, Dolores  took her first ultralight "trike flite," Moqui  ate a Frisbee, the Chases put on a luscious seafood  feed, and Big Al photographed everything.

The absolutely silliest laugh session  came during a tequila/mescal tasting when Barry, Sue  Chase, Del and Al came to no conclusion on the tequilas,  failed the mescal, and decided that the worm was too  pickled to care. Moqui left in disgust and Dolores was  laughing too hard to participate. The longest walk was  taken when some of us decided to dip our toes into the  Gulf waters during low tide. We must have walked a half  mile to get to the water and learned firsthand about  the huge horizontal tides there!

We took two different routes back to California.  Three rigs drove back up Baja's Highway 5 through the  desert to Calexico, and two rigs took a route over wildflowered  hills on Highway 3 to the Pacific Ocean, joining Highway  1 and entering the U.S. through Tijuana. The Ambroses,  Allens and Dolores soothed their separation anxiety  by camping one more night together at Sweetwater Regional  Park in Bonita before going their separate ways.

We had a fun adventure with good folks,  and we all hope to meet again in Oregon!

Roving BOCI Reporter