2005 Mid-California Weekend Mini Rally

Pismo Beach, California November 4 & 5, 2005


Thanks go to Karl Wagner for setting up this weekend mini-rally.  It was a shame that the work thing interrupted his plans and he had to miss a good time!

On Friday the first arrival was Dolores Westfall (Kelseyville) in her 29RQ, having already been on the road for 19 days.  Steve and Carol Famularo (Santa Cruz) arrived next in their 24-footer, with Robyn Hagar and Bill Dodd (Adelaida) arriving shortly thereafter in Robyn's 29G with slick maroon trim.  And then ... very late at night ... Don and Eileen Gorth (Sunnyvale) with son Mike -- along with their irresistible Maltese, Tullie -- tried to sneak into their site well after midnight.  Wide-awake late bird Dolores spotted them backing up their 29G in the black of night, provided a little light and a short welcome.

Saturday began with a communal breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs.  The day ended with a luscious dinner at the Custom House in Avila Beach where we were joined by Don and Eileen's son Paul and his girlfriend.  We celebrated Paul's birthday whether he liked it or not.  In between those two meals, we explored Avila Beach, visited Monarch Butterflies, rode bicycles, enjoyed fresh roasted corn-on-the-cob and ice cream at The Barn, and -- most important -- toured each other's motorhomes.  After dinner we gathered for wine and enjoyed viewing Big Al Productions DVDs of our annual rally held last July in Oregon.

Sunday morning became Tech Time as we all had bay doors open and were busily prepping our rigs.  Vows were made to change valve stems, additional air valves were discovered, mass attacks were made on wheel simulators, inveterate boondockers learned about hookups, and mechanic Steve made helpful suggestions and generally had his brain picked.  Besides meeting nice Bigfooters and having a good time, we all learned something new and useful.

As we left, we promised to meet again.  Some Monarchs fluttered by to bid us good-bye as we pulled out.

BOCI Reporter