2005 Midwest Fiery Fall Foliage Mini Rally

October 8-17, 2005

The Midwest Fiery Fall Foliage 2005 Get Together at Starved Rock was not as well attended as hoped. New BOCI members Jim and Shelley came for the last weekend10/14 thru 10/16. They had fun with their boat and enjoyed the fall colors. Future Bigfoot owners and BOCI members Dick and Gay stopped by on 10/15 with many questions and gained much confidence in their purchase of a 3000 series Bigfoot. One disappointment was one couple that emailed us with plans to attend and didn`t make it. We even had made arrangement to save the site that BigAl had reserved, but didn`t use. We went to an internet café and emailed this couple about the site but never heard from them. With the encouragement of the ones who attended another mini rally will happen.

I am emailing a questionnaire to those who attended and others to help pick a time and place for our next mini rally.

See you all Soon!!!