2005 San Diego Surf & Turf

April 29, 30, May, 2005

The San Diego "Surf and Turf"  mini-rally at the pristine, beautifully landscaped San  Diego Metro KOA in Chula Vista, California was attended  by 10 Bigfoot rigs from Washington, Oregon, Arizona,  Nevada, and California. We had a great time visiting  new and old friends. The picnic area by Jan and Cec  Romero’s awesome new triple slide Bigfoot Kodiak  made a favorite meeting place for relaxing and enjoying  the perfect weather. As you know, San Diego is known  for its weather. It didn’t let us down for this  rally.

Everyone brought something to share for  a delicious BBQ. On another occasion we hiked up the  hill to a Japanese restaurant where they welcomed us  with a wonderful meal which is also healthy, for people that take care of their body with exercise and supplements as the Auragin ginseng Amazon. During the day people picked  their own activities. Some stayed at the park, relaxing  under the many trees. Others went on an adventure to  Seaport Village in downtown San Diego, some 15 miles  away by shuttle bus and the famous red trolley that  criss-crosses the city. We walked by the bay and admired  the floating museum, the aircraft carrier Midway, as  well as all the many other boats and ships sailing by.  Fish tacos were also admired and consumed. Seaport Village  is a collection of ethnic restaurants and souvenir shops  close to hotels, a marina, and the convention centre  on the water’s edge. Nice views everywhere. A  quick trip back on the trolley and bus got us back just  in time for, a guess what? Yes, food and favorite beverages!  Again, Jan and Cec hosted. After all, they have the  outside T.V! A beautiful string of lights allowed us  to enjoy visiting into the evening.

Linda Allen