2006 Armstrong/Vernon Mini Rally

May 2006

The Romeros and Thrones recently went on a road trip to Canada, visiting the Bigfoot Factory in Armstrong, BC, and participating in a Mini-Rally with the Bolenders (owners of a 30MH29RQ) in Sisters, Or.

The Thrones, starting from their home in Orangevale, Ca in a 30MH29RQ met up with the Romeros in Reno, Nv. The Romeros own a 40MH35LX. They caravaned through Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington and into Canada. Starting on 11 May and reaching Armstrong, BC on Sunday 14 May.

In addition to visiting the Factory, they had a wonderful time visiting Canada and enjoying everything the local areas of Armstrong and Vernon had to offer. While at the Bigfoot Factory the Romeros and Thrones were treated royally! The support provided by Mark Holmes, Craig Mayall, and Garry Grochowich was outstanding!

They traveled to Sisters, Oregon, leaving on Friday the 19th and arriving on the 21st. In Sisters, Chad and June Bolender organized an impromptu mini-rally treating the Thrones and Romeros to a fantastic time of song, dance, food and just good old time friendship in the gorgeous Oregon surroundings.

The Mini- Rally ended on the 22nd with the Romeros and Thrones continuing their journey to Mount Shasta, Ca. Jack with his fishing pole in hand headed for the local streams. On Tuesday the Thrones returned to Orangevale and the Romeros headed East to Reno. Ahhhh, parting is such sweet sorrow. We had a fantastic time with memories to last for the rest of our lives.