2006 Puerto Penasco Shrimp & Fish Fiesta

February 8-13, 2006

Del and Sue Chase weren't kidding when they titled this a shrimp and fish fiesta.  Another trawler must have been added to the fleet just to feed us!

Throughout the day on February 7, a trailer, a camper, five motorhomes and four towds arrived at the Gila Bend RV Resort in Arizona carrying 13 people and two dogs.  We came from Arizona, California, Colorado, British Columbia and England.  The Chases -- with help from their socially conscious German Shepherd, Moqui -- organized, planned and led this international mini-rally with aplomb and great success.  It was fun, informative and absolutely delicious.

BOCI founders Ric and Linda Allen arrived in their new camper, having recently sold their splendid 29' motorhome.  They didn't exactly downsize, though, since they also just bought a 45-foot Prevost for longer excursions.  We can only surmise that it takes two RVs to replace one Bigfoot motorhome, eh?  Glad you're still with us, guys!

Big Al Enger surprised us by bringing "Aunt Buela" along.  We soon discovered that it was really Kathy Prochotsky, a Bigfooter we had met at last year's annual rally in Oregon.  Dave and Glena Black brought their Schnauzer Mandi, who kept Glena in great shape taking long beach walks to see the sun come up every morning.  Dolores Westfall stopped wandering the southwest long enough to join us, Barry and Sue Ambrose hopped the Pond to pick up their motorhome and meet us, and we were happy to welcome Doug and Rita Sarbach to their first BOCI rally and allowed them to be strangers for about 15 seconds.

Ric brought his collection of 2-way radios so we could communicate as we caravanned south.  He could have outfitted a small city!  Gila Bend's Outer Limits Space Age Coffee Shop seemed like the right place for this group's get-acquainted dinner.

The next day we caravanned through the lush Sonoran Desert framed by Arizona's dramatic mountains.  As we drove through the Goldwater Air Force Range, impressive military jets zipped through maneuvers above us.  By mid-afternoon we were settled in at the Playa Bonita RV Resort in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point to us Gringos) and ready for the HUGE shrimp they serve there.

During the course of five days, we gorged on every variation of shrimp and fish dish imaginable, sampled numerous margaritas and wines, viewed the Gulf from all angles, walked the beach, toured different areas of the town on foot and by car.  We shopped, photographed, got our rigs washed and became captives of Joaquin Fragozza, a versatile and fun entertainer who really knew how to work the crowd ... and us.  As always, we learned from each other as we discussed our rigs and their toys.

We ended the rally with drinks and finger food that morphed into a ... surprise, surprise ... shrimp pot luck feast.  The next morning two rigs drove west across the top of Mexico to San Diego, three drove north to Arizona, and two waved good-bye to us and stayed another day or two or ...?

Terrific mini-rally, Del and Sue!  We look forward to seeing everyone at the annual rally this September in South Dakota.  Ya'll come ... es muy bien!

BOCI Roving Reporter