2006 San Diego Mini Rally

April 21-24, 2006

The second annual San Diego BOCI mini-rally was exactly what a mini-rally should be: fun, fabulous site, great weather and a host of activities from which attendees chose. Not to forget a terrific rally rate at about half of the regular price! The best part was that everyone got what he/she wanted out of the four or more days by the bay at the Chula Vista RV Resort.

There were small group activities, including a tour of the aircraft carrier, Midway, and the Embarcadero area, to individual outings like the Tijuana Estuary and local shopping. Again, the San Diego Trolley was used by many to see the sights. Some dined at the local eateries at the marina and one authentic Mexican restaurant. And some just hung out at the resort.

The marina and Bayside Park offered good walking trails with lots of beautiful scenery. Most of all, everyone got to get acquainted or renew old friendships and enjoy each other’s company. It’s always fun to see so many Bigfoot rigs in one place! A delicious potluck dinner capped off the weekend nicely. Everyone left with good memories and a full belly.

Linda Allen